Dental Cleanings and Exams Keep Your Smile Bright & Clean
  • Your smile stays healthy with exams & cleanings
  • Join our Membership Club for savings on treatment
  • Visit a practice that has been around for 60 years

Experience Improved Oral Health With Dental Cleanings and Exams in Carlsbad

Just like you visit your doctor for yearly checkups to keep your body healthy, biannual dental cleanings and exams in Carlsbad will keep your mouth in great shape. For 60 years, Packard Dental has been treating smiles in the area. Drs. Jared and Matt Packard are third-generation dentists. So you can trust us to protect your oral health throughout your life! When you visit us for your smile needs, we will:

  • Remove plaque and tartar buildup for a fresher, cleaner mouth
  • Offer you amenities such as blankets, pillows, and warm towels to ease your nerves
  • Explain what we see and help you understand necessary follow-up procedures
  • Save you money on treatments by catching issues in the early stages
  • Use advanced technology, such as ultrasonic scaling and lasers

Call 760-823-8282 for an appointment. Get $100 off a future treatment after your first regularly priced new patient appointment! And ask about our Membership Club for dental savings without insurance hassles.

Reveal Your Smile’s Potential With Preventive Care

At our practice, we take pride in our unique approach to handling your preventive care needs. We ensure you feel at home right away when you come in for your checkup. You’ll see beautiful ocean views and relax in our comfortable office environment. In addition to a team trained to help you feel at ease, we use cutting-edge technology to diagnose any underlying issues and give precise results.

During your checkup, we will:

  • Clean your teeth and remove plaque and tartar buildup using ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Perform a thorough examination of your mouth, looking for signs of cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer
  • Apply preventive treatments, like fluoride varnishes or dental sealants, to give your teeth extra protection from harmful bacteria
  • Recommend ways you can improve your oral hygiene habits at home
  • Schedule any necessary follow-up appointments to address concerns such as gum disease or damaged teeth

Call 760-823-8282 for dental cleanings and exams in Carlsbad.

Common Questions About Dental Cleanings and Exams

How long does a dental exam and cleaning take?

That depends on several factors, including the condition of your teeth. If you haven’t visited a dentist in years, your hygienist will likely require more time than usual to remove hardened tartar from your teeth. In addition, you may have more issues you’d like to address with your dentist during your exam. The average time for a cleaning and exam is about an hour.

Why should I get a dental exam if I’m not in pain?

If you wait until you are in pain, you already have a serious problem. On top of that, not all dental issues cause pain. By getting regular exams, you get the benefit of having dental professionals look at your mouth. We can identify potential concerns or catch them in the early stages. That allows us to fix them before you need expensive and invasive treatments.

How soon after my cleaning can I eat?

It all depends on the type of treatment you receive during your appointment. If our dental team has applied fluoride treatments to your teeth, you’ll want to wait at least 30 minutes before you eat. Otherwise, there’s no reason to wait at all! However, many people prefer to wait awhile since their teeth and gums may feel slightly sensitive after cleaning.

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